1A Productions

The Final Fix Press Kit

Narrated by Ewan McGregor, The Final Fix is a profound documentary that investigates the U.S. opioid crisis and a revolutionary recovery treatment,  N.E.T (Neuro Electric Therapy), that finally offers hope to those struggling with addiction.   

It’s a moving story of one family’s endeavour to challenge the ‘addiction business’ and offer a lifeline to a group of volunteer addicts who trial the N.E.T. device to prove its efficacy.

I was approached by Director/Exec. Producer, Norman Stone, in the months leading up to the official release of The Final Fix. In the challenging time of COVID-19 lockdown, they urgently required attention-grabbing promotional material, an official press release, social graphics and visual messaging. 

​The Electronic Press Kit was distributed to press and media outlets throughout the UK and USA, achieving excellent results.  Norman Stone appeared in many newspaper, radio, podcast and TV News features, all generated from receipt of the EPK.


1A productions did an exquisite job of combining factual information and style, this had to be mirrored in their press release. The importance of the visuals both in the imagery presentation and in the typography was essential.


Being a feature documentary, The Final Fix offered an abundance of film clips and dynamic stills for use on social channels.  In close collaboration with the production team, we agreed on a strategy to bring all aspects of the story to the viewers.